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Blocked Drains

Do you have a blocked drains? Is there a weird smell coming from your drain pipes? Our high tech drain camera can identify blockages and our Jetta pressurised water system can clear it.

We often get emergency calls for blocked drains, the toilet won’t flush, or there’s a weird smell coming from a sink or drain. Sometimes it’s a simple job of clearing an obstruction in a drain pipe but often the problem is more sinister and requires more extensive investigation.

Common causes of blocked drains range from a build up of:



Food scraps


Sanitary items

Foreign objects

Blockages restrict the flow of water, backing it up and overflowing. Slow drainage and bad smells can cause an inconvenience in the workplace or home. We often encounter overgrown tree roots that have strangled a pipe underground restricting the flow of sewerage or mains water.

Identifying a Blockage Location and Cause

When simple attempts at clearing a blockage are unsuccessful, our state-of-the-art drain camera can be injected into a pipe up to a length of 30 metres to quickly identify the exact location and cause of a blockage helping to minimise the need to lift pavers, concrete or excavate an area searching for a blockage which can be costly, messy and time consuming.

Clearing the blockage

Once the location and cause of the blockage has been identified, we can utilise a highly pressurised water system to clear the obstruction and resume water flow with minimal disruption and downtime. If we find that your pipe is damaged, we can easily replace the damaged area, reseal it and rectify the ground works so you can resume business/home life as normal.

Never ignore a blocked drain or bad smell coming from a drain or pipe. If you have a blocked drain that you’d like us to investigate, get in touch and we’ll help save you the inconvenience and cost.

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