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Storm Water Drainage

Does your patio, driveway or paved areas flood in a downpour? We can help!

Guttering in good condition and the correct amount of downpipes on a home or building is critical to washing storm water away after heavy rains, preventing it from pooling and flooding areas that can cause more permanent damage to the structure of a building.

Trust Gilmour Plumbing & Gas to assess the design of storm water drainage structures in and around homes and buildings and immediately make safe areas in need of urgent attention. We can detect leaks and conduct repairs and quote on further solutions for storm water drainage that will preserve the building structure while caring for the environment.

Storm water collects leaves, soil and other debris that can block drains and pipes in a home or building causing gutters and pipes to overflow into the roof space which can be an expensive exercise in repairs if left unattended.

Managing storm water drainage correctly and prevent rotting, swelling and rusting of a buildings structure whichcan lead to costly and inconvenient problems in the future.

It is important to direct storm water away from hard surfaces such as driveways, patios and roofs via downpipes. Stormwater that is not directed away from a building correctly can wash away gardens and can cause damaging flooding around a building that deteriorates surfaces.

Directing stormwater away from a building correctly can also be beneficial to the environment, protecting our waterways and ecosystems from pollutants, sediment and erosion.

Things that you can do to prevent stormwater damage to your property:

  • Clean gutters regularly removing leaves, soil and debris so that stormwater can flow free of obstructions
  • Check your gutters and roof annually for holes, cracks, rust and potential blockages
  • Book Gilmour Plumbing & Gas annually to inspect the stormwater drainage system of your property for deterioration and provide a cost effective solution.

If you’re concerned about your property’s stormwater drainage, get in touch today. We’ll provide a preventative maintenance strategy for your asset protecting it for years to come.

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Don’t let rainwater damage your property

At Gilmour Plumbing & Gas, we specialise in assessing and enhancing stormwater drainage systems. Contact us today for a comprehensive evaluation and secure your property against costly future repairs.

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