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New Home Plumbing & Gas Services

Building or renovating a home? Gilmour Plumbing & Gas are here to get the job done. On time and on budget.

Building a new home or investment property is exciting and expectations of how your property will look and feel are high.  We understand that a lot of planning and thought goes into how your property will present and we understand that careful consideration to your budget is critical in achieving the desired result.

Gilmour Plumbing & Gas are experienced in new home builds having worked closely with local builders over many years. We can work with your builder to achieve your desired outcome or we can work for you privately on your new home build providing plumbing & gas services of the highest standard.

Trust us to help you achieve your new home goals while maintaining quality and professionalism while working toward completion of your build on time.

Let us help make your dreams reality. Apart from the essential home plumbing fixtures & fittings we offer many additional custom plumbing & gas services:

  • Water & ice dispenser fridges connection points in the kitchen
  • Outdoor gas heating for entertaining areas
  • Gas and water connections for outdoor kitchens
  • Outdoor showers with hot and cold water
  • Whole house water filtration
  • Fire sprinkler systems
  • Energy efficient heat pump hot water systems

Before you design your dream kitchen, outdoor kitchen, bathroom or laundry, speak to our friendly team. We have ideas and inspiration that will help your area flow and add that extra touch of luxury and convenience to any room.

We can help you source the best fittings and fixtures to suit your room and budget or we can install products that you supply.

Gilmour Plumbing and Gas understand your vision for your new build and we have an experienced team that can not only deliver your expected outcomes but can adapt and work with you along the way especially when plans change.

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Transform Your New Build Or Renovation With Expert Plumbing & Gas Solutions!

Whether it’s a new residence, renovation, or investment property, our seasoned team is here to turn your vision into reality. From custom fittings to luxurious upgrades, let us elevate your space with innovative solutions. Contact us today to start building the home you’ve always imagined!

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